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          • Foreign Trade Sales Manager

            Operating Duty

            1. Be responsible for overseas market development, business negotiation, contract signing, sales plan and good customer relationship. ;
            2. Follow up the order production, shipment, payment collection and other matters;
            3. Participate in company exhibitions and engage in foreign trade business on site;
            4. Follow up the collection and analysis of market information.

            Post Requirements

            1. Be familiar with the overseas sales business processes of vehicle-mounted electronic products, especially vehicle-mounted DVD navigation, driving records, vehicle networking terminals and solutions, and have a strong ability to explore overseas markets;
            2. Familiar with export business process, overseas working experience is preferred;
            3. English: CET4 or above, fluent in spoken English, able to communicate directly with foreign customers. Ability to speak small languages is preferred;
            4. Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, foreign language, electronics, etc;
            5. Strong sense of responsibility, good work ethic, good interpersonal and processing skills, and strong communication skills;
            6. The commission is calculated separately.
          HR Email:hr_recruit@szsoling.com