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        1. Intelligent Driving Developer

          Soling Travel????Smart Travel

          Car Manufactuer IOV Management Platform

          Application Scenario

          Various car manufacturers (host plants) IOV platform

          • Vehicle Data Monitoring
          • Fault Reminder
          • Location Tracking
          • In-car Entertainment
          • Maintenance Reminder
          • Location Sharing
          • Electric Vehicle Management
          • Vehicle Remote Control
          • Collision Reminder
          • Real-time Detection
          • Car Friends Group
          • Address Book Interaction
          • Electric Vehicle International and Landmark Docking
          • Overall Security Management

          Commercial Vehicle Video Monitoring Management Platform

          Application Scenario

          Logistics vehicle fleet monitoring、Car network reservation monitoring、Bus monitoring、Official car fleet and so on

          • GPS positioning、Live video Image capture、DVR
          • Information broadcast、Order issued Emergency handling
          • Driver's license verification、staff attendance、Performance management
          • Driving alarm、Electronic fence alarm、Fatigue driving reminder、Safe driving warning
          • Vehicle monitoring、Voice intercom、Real-time call
          • Vehicle management、Terminal management、Driver management
          • Track playback、Video playback、Historical query
          • Report statistics、Data analysis、Operation management
          • Intelligent scheduling、Job planning、Government and enterprise supervision

          Car Timeshare Management Platform

          Application Scenario

          Park commuting,Daily travel in the city, Transportation hub connection,Short-distance travel around

          Feature:Full buffet,Time - sharing payment,With the use,New travel experience

          Suitable:Manufacturer transformation travel service,Traditional car rental company,Electric car rental company,Travel service operator

          System Solutions:vehicle terminal,Rental business center,Operation management platform,Car network data center,Mobile APP application, The Third party service

          Core Business:

          Fleet Management Platform

          Fleet Management

          Open the convenience era of enterprise vehicle, more simple using, more accurate service

          UBI Insurance Management Platform

          Mainly Contains

          Day insurance; Insurance by usage; Calculate premium based on driving line

          • Day Insurance

            System Composition:Vehicle equipment OBD, Data platform, Car owner APP application

            Product Design:Buy by day according to driving demand,Self-selected insurance,Which day to drive,when to buy insurance,not to drive without insurance

            Product Features:Plug and play OBD equipment,integrated GPS/GPRS/OBDII/G-sensor,user app,ready to use,insurance paid according to the number of days

          • Insurance by Usage

            System Composition: Vehicle equipment OBD,Vehicle networking platform,Data analysis platform

            Product Design: According to the user's driving habits and user portraits,according to usage pricing,such as driving mileage,driving section,driving time,driving behavior,number of sudden increase and decrease,speeding times,driving environment sections, etc.

            Product Features:OBD equipment, driving data analysis

          • Calculate Premium Based on Driving Line

            System Composition:Auxiliary driving terminal such as ADAS,Ubi big data analysis platform

            Product Design:Calculate premiums based on driving environment, driving behavior, driving habits, and standardize driver driving behavior, reduce risk rate

          • OBD


            Vehicle Networking Solution

            ECU data reading;

            GPS Integration of other Sensors;

            Device parameters configurable;

            Original data local processing;

            Alarm data generation;

            Vehicle condition detection;

            Remote upgrade;

            Restore factory settings.

          • 4G T-BOX

            4G T-BOX

            Vehicle Networking Solution

            Schematic adoption:  the semiconductor SYM32F105 (dual CAN) , the Unite States Qualcomm MDM9X07 platform;

            Support 2G/3G/4G network;

            The Qualcomm platform is due to its occupancy rate of nearly 70% on global communications T-Box products ;

            Good scalability,  Expand and support Wi-Fi routing management, Turn T-Box into vehicle data communication gateway, Increase BT or FM function according to customer  needs;

            Positioning function : Support GPS and Beidou Positioning System, cold start time does not exceed 60s, hot start time does not exceed 30s;

            Network diagnosis : Having the functions of CAN network communication, network management, remote diagnosis and so on ;

            Remote control: T-Box has the operation of equipment self-examination, remote data query, remote parameter setting remote server registration and activation and remote upgrade.